Girlie Glue is an all natural accessory glue — no hair necessary! Fancy possibilities are endless with a dab of Girlie Glue.

It's never too early to be Girlie!

Sugar & Spice and all that's nice

Girlie Glue is made with Agave nectar and other all natural ingredients.
Girlie Glue Tubes

and Everywhere that Mary went...

A dab of Girlie Glue will hold her accessories all day long.

It's safe, 100% Honey-Free and washes away easily with water.

Accessory Vintage Ribbon Bows

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Girlie Glue

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Vintage Ribbon Bows Thumbnail

Vintage Ribbon Bows

(pack of 3)
Vintage Ribbon Bows ×


Felt Flowers Thumbnail

Felt Flowers

(pack of 3)
Handmade Felt Flowers ×


Felt Earrings Thumbnail

Felt Earrings

(3 pairs)
Felt Earrings ×


Girlie Glue Essentials Thumbnail

Girlie Glue Essentials

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Limited Edition Set Thumbnail

Limited Edition Set

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Sparkly Earrings Thumbnail

Sparkly Earrings

(3 pairs)
Sparkly Earrings ×


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Holiday Accessories Set

(pack of 3)
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What others are saying about Girlie Glue:
I have to admit, Girlie Glue has changed our lives. When I can stick a flower in C's hair in the morning and it is still in place at the end of the day (even through nap time!) it's a total success. My favorite part? It comes off with just water!Life Styles Simply
Girlie Glue is an excellent product that works beautifully. It is clear, very sticky, dries fast, and is easy to scrub off. No icky smells, nothing I worry about putting on my baby's skin. The accompanying bows in this package are downright darling and high-quality.Emily M.
I just used some girlie glue to put earrings on my little girl. She loved it and was the hit at preschool. They’ve been on all day. Great stuff!Kim R.
I just got my Girlie Glue in yesterday, I knew I'd like it, but I need to tell you I'm in LOVE..... Thank you for creating an amazing product.Kelly C.
Girlie Glue is great on babies with lots of hair too. My girls love it!Rebeca P.
I love your product! Not only can I use it on my baby’s hair but also on mine! I hate the look of bobby pins to hold my bangs back but a little bit of Girlie Glue works amazing!Whittney A.
I love Girlie Glue! This stuff is MAGIC! My toddler immediately pulls bows out of her hair but your product keeps her hair out of her face. Just what I've been looking for!Megan H.
I use Girlie Glue on my baby girl almost daily, and I always get stopped and asked how I get the bows to stick in her hair. The tube has lasted so far 4 months and we haven't even come close to running out yet!Kali


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Girlie Glue is an All-Natural accessory glue used to stick accessories to the skin and hair...and so much more! Girlie Glue will hold bows on babies, earrings on ears, and mustaches on faces all day long, then wash off easily at the end of the day with a little water. No clips, bands or even hair necessary. Girlie Glue bows and flowers are lightweight and simple, your baby won't even notice it is there. Accessorizing babies and toddlers with bows has never been easier or more comfortable.